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Petneházy Club Hotel

1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.

Agility track from the spring of 2022!

We love puppies, this has been known for a long time. We consider it important that the favorites who come to us spend their days happily with us, and as we know, a tired dog -> a happy dog, and an even happier owner! :) so that even the most mobile buddies can find a job in our area! #dog-friendly #dogsport

Why super dog sports agility?

Agility is without a doubt one of the most popular dog sports! Why? Let's see!

An excellent tool for moving!
On the agility field, the dog and the owner play sports together. Although most of the work is up to the dog, the owner also gets out of the way.

It has a positive effect on the behavior of puppies.

It strengthens the host-dog relationship, the attunement to each other. In the meantime, you can meet other puppies and owners, forming new friendships!

You can discover the unknown abilities of your dog during exercise!