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Petneházy Club Hotel

1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.

Abbazia Values

Attention, kindness, respect

We take care of our guests and also our own environment carefully. Day by day, not only in words, but also in our actions.

  • We love, protect and support animals.

    Meet our rescued animals Dagi and Mici the cats living around the lobby, and Difi the puppy who is now 10 years old! Our furry colleagues also are here with us Pindur the kind biggie boy doggie and Udo the German, the craziest hunting dog in the world!
  • We co-exist with the amazing nature around us.

  • Our huge, car traffic free area speaks for itself. In our eco-park there is no lawn mowing, instead the fauna and flora spreads their stunning vibes.

  • Environmental protection – we are all in!

  • We clean, wash and recycle consciously, in this spirit we also train all of our employees to protect nature and their environment along the way.

  • We are GREEN. - Our hotel has won the GREEN HOTEL AWARD which will be officially announced in the beginning of 2021!

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Petneházy Club Hotel



1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.

GPS: Width: 47.54049

Length: 18.93542


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