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Petneházy Club Hotel

1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.


In our pet-friendly and especially dog-friendly hotel, we welcome four-legged buddies with a dog pool in the summer, and our agility course can be used all year round from the spring of 2022! Please indicate if you are arriving with a pet in any case.

The accommodation fee for pets is 4500 HUF / pet / night, regardless of size, which must be paid on arrival.

At the reception we are happy to give you hiking suggestions and dogfriendly version of sighseeing ideas.

Hotel policies for doggies and owners

0. Please under no circumstances feed any of the animals who you meet with at the hotel area, thank you. Some of them have serious food allergies.
1. The dog may be supervised only by a person who is able to control the behavior of the animal.
2. Dogs with antisocial or tend-to be- aggressive behavior should only be walked in the area with a muzzle and leash. In the common areas (lobby, restaurant, bar), please do not stay with a barking dog for the comfort of other guests. Thank You!
3. Please do not bring a dog to the swimming pool, to the saunas or to the paved area around the beach and in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool due to the Hungarian Health Office regulations in force!
4. Only leave a dog kept in an apartment and not suffering from separation anxiety in the apartment and for as short a time as possible. The hotel reserves the right to claim pro rata compensation for any damage caused by the puppy due to any separation anxiety.
5. The room can only be cleaned if the dog is not inside. Please indicate on the door that the room can be cleaned and left!
6. In all cases, please use the free poop bags provided by the hotel to keep the hotel area clean. If you indicate that you are arriving with a dog, we will always provide this on arrival. You also can ask for it at the reception!
7. If the puppy (s) are not notified before arrival or at the latest on arrival, the hotel may charge a one-time surcharge of HUF 50,000 to HUF 100,000. In all cases, please indicate that the puppy is with you! Thank You!
8. There are also CATS in and around the hotel who belong to us, so please keep puppies who may be a danger to them on a leash at all times - but especially around the reception and entrance where our cats live and eat! Thank you very much on behalf of Dagi our oldie cat monsieur! The four –legged staff of the Petneházy Club Hotel Difi the little rumpled dachshund mix, Udo the bit phlegmatic German shorthaired pointer, or Pindúr the lovely biggiehead teddy bear, will gladly guide you around the area! We have a special guest visiting us regularly from our neighborhood called Bruno, the Bern shepherd dog, he is huge but a loving giant wanting human attention all the time. They are all neutered animals.
9. Please do not put your pets in the shower and bathtub!
10. Please have your eb vaccination book / passport with you at all times!
11. Under no circumstances should guest puppies be left unattended in the area, as the area is not completely fenced,there is car traffic and there are other dogs, kittens and children living in our resort.
12. The accommodation fee for puppies is 4500 HUF / puppy / night.
13. A maximum of 2 dogs can be accommodated in an apartment, 3 dogs can stay in an apartment if the dogs have a working exam or a therapeutic exam. In the latter case (ie in the case of a therapeutic dog), the puppy's accommodation fee will not be charged either.
14. Please note that if the puppy is staying alone in the apartment, the cleaning staff is not allowed to enter according to our hotel policies. Because of the safety of our employees on the one hand, and the pets on the other hand, as the pet may escape next to the opening door. Thus, if you leave the apartment with your pet or stay inside and are supervised, please use the door hanger and put it outside on your door. The staff between 09:00 and 15:00 will do the cleaning. Thank You!

The above rules serve the undisturbed rest of the guests and the puppies, the protection of their health and physical integrity, and the protection of the equipment and environment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!