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Petneházy Club Hotel

1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.


Would you like to take your doggie for your next holiday with you? Aching for adventurous trips and fresh air? We are happy to welcome your furry friend!

Within the grandiose green park of the hotel staying in the comfortable rooms or chalets both owners and doggies can find relaxtion and fun! Our dogs in Petnehazy Club Hotel: Süti, Difi and Pindur are happy to give you a tour around the area.

At the reception we are happy to give you hiking suggestions and dogfriendly version of sighseeing ideas.

More information:

Hotel regulations for doggies and owners:

Please be so kind and always keep the following rules in mind while staying at our hotel with your furry friend.

  • Dogs can be led only by the person(s) who have control over them.
  • Dogs with antisocial personality disorder, behavior problems or capable of aggressive attitude can only be walked with muzzle and leash on.
  • Dogs must not enter the area of the swimming pool and the saunas and the paved beach area as well as the outdoor pool itself. These are strictly banned areas by the Hungarian Health Organization. Thank you for respecting these rules!
  • Please never leave a dog alone in the apartment in case it suffers from separation behavior problems or not used to being between the walls and always leave your well behaving dogs alone for the minimum possible time. For any damages caused by an anxious lonely dog left alone in the apartment the hotel holds the right for value based compensation claim.
  • The room can only be cleaned when the dog (and the owners) have left the apartment. Please sign us by using the ‘Cleaning please!’ signage by putting it outside your entrance door.
  • Please be so kind and always use the poop bags provided by the hotel for free of charge so this way you can help us to keep the hotel area clean.
  • In case of dog(s) who has/have not been registered before or at the latest upon the check-in process the hotel holds the right to bill an extra fee of 50,000 HUF – 100,000 HUF. Please always tell us that you have your dog(s) in the apartment!
  • There are cats living in the hotel area and they belong to us, so we ask you to put all the dogs on leash who can be a threat for the cats and do not unleash them during your stay. Thank you so much in the name of Mici and Dagi!
  • Please never put your pet in the shower/bath or in the sink. Thank you!
  • Please always have your dog’s passport with you.

The above regulations stand for the perfect and calm relaxing holiday, protecting the good health and physical integrity both the owners and the furry friends as well as protecting the goods of the apartment.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your cooperation!
The Hotel Management