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Fluffy fondness in the first goose restaurant in Budapest.

“Dunyha” (DUVET) is the first goose restaurant in Budapest, which besides its a modern snow-white place it is still rustic and simple at the same time, can be comfortable as a “warm blanket” for the public who needs some tenderness.

At “Dunyha” comparing to other mostly crabby-elegant restaurants, handicraft and home-made ingredient comes first, as well as the family atmosphere and professional service.

In our restaurant we are trying to envision the weight of the family brunches, like what we would have on the countryside in a fabulous environment near to the center of Budapest by the beautiful view of the hills of Buda.

We have everything at “Dunyha” what needs for a quiet and harmonic place. In our furnace in front of the restaurant we prepare most of our foods, and make our home-smoked ingredients as well. We’re strongly believe in the freshness of handicraft products.
The goose on the menu comes to the fore every day of the year not only at Martin’s day!
At summer time our grills turns up from the backyard and our chefs preparing different kind of grilled foods what can remind us to our Grandma’s forgotten recipes.

We’re trying to prepare most of our foods in the furnace or in the grill, because in a simply oven in the kitchen you can never get the same flavors or crunchy effects.
Our Executive chef, Tamás Molnár continuously hunting new recipes, and trying to change the menu as often and seasonal as he can. So worth to try his menu, time to time.

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At “Dunyha”, besides the continuously and seasonal changing menu card, there is an event with live music on every Sunday, we call it “Sunday Brunch”, weekly changing Chef specials waiting for our guests week by week.
Every months we are preparing cooking courses with Ildikó Bezselics, who is the author of the “Két cica konyhája” (Two cat’s kitchen) Gastro blog.


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